“My first lesson was way more than I was expecting. Mike was very professional and knew what he was talking about. He addressed things that I had been struggling with right off the bat and got me and my kit into a position that allowed me to improve before even discussing technique. He was friendly and I felt very comfortable around him, which I think is key to learning anything. He was also very patient and keen on teaching which was rad. I am looking forward to more lessons with mike in the future as I believe he can help bring me to the places in my playing that have eluded me. highly recommended.”

– Travis Dean. (Vancouver)

“Me being an older guy in his upper 40’s and deciding to learn to play drums, I was very fortunate to have been connected with Mike Machine as my instructor! Over the past few years he has become a major source of inspiration and a mentor. Mike is always positive, fun, non- judgemental, and professional. As I have limited time due to my profession and family commitments, Mike has always tried to be adaptable and accommodating and custom tailors my training. When I struggle or get frustrated due to time constraints, he always finds ways to motivate me and keeps it all positive. He even made my 50th Birthday positive by congratulating me on making it to level 50 instead of being over the hill or one the other negative cliches. If you’re keen, Mike will feed off that and excel at helping you with your goals with his endless energy, enthusiasm and skill! What more can anyone ask for?”

-Brian Pedersen. (Calgary)

“MIKE “MACHINE” MALLAIS is one of the most eloquently talented passions I have encountered in this sordidly magnificent music industry of ours! Mike exudes a sincere desire to take his drumming, and drumming in general, further and further everyday, continually expanding his rhythmic vocabulary along the way!
Mike is a talented player, a wonderful educator, and one heck of a wonderful friend, which is most probably his greatest attribute!!!
Mike will win this race, he just needs to keep his feet on the track, breathe deeply and fully, and keeping following the road to his success! And when he does… I will be right there with him to applaud what he has accomplished!!! I am proud and privileged to call him “F”riend, with a capital F! All the best Machine!!!”

-Brian Cymbaluk. (Calgary)

“Without hesitation I can personally recommend Mike “Machine” Mallais. His passion and dedication to his craft is undeniable. Whether he is working with a beginner or seasoned veteran, he can offer a fun, skilled approach to each and every lesson. As a performer, his attention to detail and dynamics is second to none. He is a must for a fill in or studio session… For any band looking to add the best in the drum mix to take their sound to that next level, Mike Mallais is the winning choice.”

– Arthur Stonez. (SC USA)

“Mikes passion for everything drums is infectious, he can take what is a seemingly boring task or concept and put life and excitement into it and therefore into “you” just by being around him. He treats people fairly when making deals on gear and is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the drumming world. I’m proud to have dealt with Mike professionally whether it’s gear deals or gig recommendations but most of all he motivates me on a personal level as a friend in this crazy business and for that I highly recommend Mike Mallais”

– Jerry Toland. (Calgary)

“I’ve known Mike since we were kids and I’ve never met someone more dedicated to excellence in my life. Both in himself and bringing it out in others.”

– Sean McClafferty. (Miramichi)

“I have worked with Mike on several occasions in many different projects. I have hired him for everything from old school country and rockabilly to progressive rock, often with no rehearsals or song lists. Every time his, raw talent, musicality, professionalism, and command of the instrument were exceedingly apparent. While in Calgary, Mike quickly became my first call for all projects. Still to this day the best drummer I have worked with and a great friend.”

– Brett B. (Calgary)

“Mike has been teaching my son drums for just over 9 months now and he has been amazing! Not only does he make it fun and interesting to learn, he really cares about his students and takes a vested interest in them. He is encouraging and really great at communicating with me, as a parent about how my son is doing. I would highly recommend him for lessons to anyone!”

-Michelle Bell. (Vancouver)

“Mike is a master. He is truly a drummers best friend. His technique is refined and he knows how to relate and teach at any level. His personable and friendly nature make him a joy and inspiration to learn from.”

-Dan Beavington. (Vancouver)